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Delta sororities promote awareness for women’s issues

Brett Saunders

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The Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Xi Phi and Delta Zeta sororities have come together at the University of Alabama to present of a week of awareness about issues currently affecting women locally, nationally and globally. This is the inaugural year of this event for these three sororities and there will be events going on during the week to showcase this campaign.

The name of the campaign, Campaign Delta, is bringing three sororities from three different greek councils to work together to bring awareness to issues affecting women today. Delta Sigma Theta represents the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Delta Xi Phi represents the United Greek Council and Delta Zeta represents the Alabama Panhellenic Association.

“This is a part of our service awareness week, and we are trying to bring awareness to issues that affect women,” said Deahndra Grigley, a senior majoring in English. “We want to grab people’s attention.”

The sororities are participating together in t-shirt week – a week when everyone wears a certain color shirt to represent a particular issue going on during that day. Wednesday will be red and white, representing an attention to HIV/AIDS. Thursday will be purple shirts, representing domestic violence and abuse.

“We usually don’t collaborate cross-councils, but after attending the Greek Leadership Summit, we wanted to do more of collaboration and partnering,” said Amber Parker, president of Delta Sigma Theta. “There is no change without first knowing what is going on.”

All students are invited to join these sororities in their campaign this week by either wearing the colored shirt of the day or getting involved with the events going on during the week.

On Wednesday, the Black Student Union will host an HIV testing from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Thursday there will be a self-defense class in Tutwiler at 6 p.m. Friday there will be a community service opportunity for students at tornado-damaged areas from 2 to 4 p.m.

“Anyone can come out and support this campaign. If you see people wearing a certain colored shirt or participating in an event, join in and show your support,” Parker said.

The sororities are also addressing the issues brought forward in the KONY videos because the issues addressed affect women and children in Africa.

The campaign will also be taking donations from students to go toward their efforts in raising awareness for women going through the issues the sororities are addressing.


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Delta sororities promote awareness for women’s issues