SGA hosts majors fair

Adrienne Burch

The Student Government Association and the Academic Advisors Association are partnering with the Ferguson Center to host a Majors Fair in the Ferguson Heritage room and ballroom today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“This Majors Fair will give students the opportunity to have a very engaging experience in exploring the world-class academic opportunities available at the University,” said David Wilson, SGA vice president for Student Affairs.

The event will highlight all majors and minors offered at UA. Students will be able to meet with representatives from all colleges and ask questions regarding the different majors. Students can learn about career prospects for the different majors as well as internship and research opportunities.

“Whether the student is undecided, uncertain if the major they have selected is the right fit for them or looking to add a minor or double major to their current path, this is an opportune time to explore all of their academic options at the University of Alabama,” said Nancy Shockley, Director for Pre-Major Advising.

Many students across campus are undecided on what major they would like to pursue at UA. According to Fritz Grupe, founder of, almost 80 percent of college-bound students have not chosen a major and 50 percent of those who declare will change their major before graduating. This Majors Fair is a way to present all of the options to students with the hopes of making their decision a little easier.

Freshman Natalie Knox, who is undecided, hopes the majors fair will provide her insight into potential majors and careers. She is looking forward to meeting with the faculty and discussing possible career paths.

“I view the fair as a step toward deciding a major,” Knox said. “At the very least, I think I will gain a better understanding of what all is involved with each major.”