Class to hold Red Cross drive

Brett Saunders

Students in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations are raising money to make sure the American Red Cross is ready for any future disasters that may hit the state of Alabama on March 29.

The original campaign, “Dollars for Disasters,”  began last year and raised money for the American Red Cross West Alabama Chapter. A day before the tornado came through Tuscaloosa, on April 26, the students of Dr. Suzanne Horsley’s APR 433 campaigns class sent $2,000 to the chapter. This year, the class has expanded their efforts to “Dollars for the Next Disaster” and is looking to raise more funds.

“This is a great opportunity benefiting The American Red Cross of the West Alabama Chapter,” said Mary English Saunders, a senior studying public relations. “Please come out and support us to help reach our fundraising goals.”

The class involved with this campaign has been operating in conjunction with Red Cross during the past few months to prepare for the upcoming event.

“We have been working alongside the Red Cross in the planning stages of the event to make sure that everything is how they want it to be for the fundraiser, but on the night of the event, we will be working on our own for the benefit of the chapter. We want this event to be something that the people who work and volunteer with the Red Cross can come and enjoy, while we work to give back to them,” said Hannah Scott, project manager of “Dollars for the Next Disaster.”

The class now expects to raise twice the amount of money they were able to raise in the previous year.

The even begins March 29, at 7 p.m., and bars Innisfree, Gallettes, Copper Top, The Booth, Moe’s Original BBQ, Red Shed, Rounders, Bear Trap, Bo’s Bar, 4th & 23rd and 1831 will help raise funds for the campaign.

Donations will be accepted at the door, and a cover may be required depending on the bar.

“If I’ve learned one thing from working with the Red Cross this semester, it’s that disasters are bound to happen,” Scott said. “The question to ask is when, not if. By holding this fundraiser, we hope to raise money for the West Alabama Chapter in preparation for whatever the next disaster might be. By doing this, the chapter will be able to support the city of Tuscaloosa whenever the next disaster occurs.”

March is nationally recognized as Red Cross month, and the students participating in this campaign find this month to be a fitting time to honor the West Alabama Chapter of the Red Cross for their role in last year’s tornado relief efforts.