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New publication ‘Art-let’ gives students opportunity to be published

Meredith Davis

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Creative Campus is debuting a new student publication, “Art-let,” showcasing visual art and creative writing. The small booklets will be available in convenient locations around campus and are meant to connect students through creativity. “Art-let” provides an opportunity for artists and writers of all majors to have their work published.

The idea for “Art-let” formed when Emma Fick, a senior majoring in English and Creative Campus intern, returned from a trip to Italy, where she came across pamphlets of art and writing at subway stops.

“I wanted to see something similar on campus; I was simply waiting for the right time and place to share the idea,” Fick said.

She pitched the idea for “Art-let” to the Creative Campus intern body at the beginning of the fall semester. The idea has since taken off, inspiring a team of interns to come together and bring the publication to life.

“Thanks to the new interns’ enthusiasm and dedication, ‘Art-let’ hit the ground running and hasn’t slowed down yet,” she said.

The publication is intended to reach students during their idle time on transit or in the Ferguson Center.

“By targeting distribution locations that all students interact with, regardless of the degree they’re pursuing, we hope to neutralize our readership audience,” Fick said.

Currently, the publication is set to debut in November. Depending on submissions, “Art-let” hopes to publish multiple times for the duration of the 2012-2013 school year. Submissions are being collected by the English Honors Society Sigma Tau Delta and Slash Pine Press.

“’Art-let’ does not seek to provide art and writing for artists and writers; it seeks to provide art and writing for Alabama students , ” Fick said.

Katharine Buckley, a sophomore majoring in studio art and project leader for “Art-let,” said if the initial publication is successful, they’ll look to partner with other student organizations.

“It is, as of now, a project for this school year, but I think if it’s received well by the student body and we are able to find other organizations to partner with, we could continue to publish ‘Art-let’ over the years,” Buckley said.

“We were so excited by the idea of having student art featured in places where students are bored and waiting around.” Buckley said. “It is intended to be a convenient, easy way for everyone on campus to connect with the work being created by their peers.”

To get involved, students of all majors can submit their own art and writing for publication by visiting, filling out the submission form, and emailing with samples of work. Students are asked to submit five to six quality visual art pieces, two to three pages of prose, or three to four poems. Submissions are still being accepted for the upcoming issue.

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New publication ‘Art-let’ gives students opportunity to be published