Rec Center offers private classes for organizations, students

Adrienne Burch

The University of Alabama Recreation Center now offers “We’ll Come to You!” fitness classes, connecting trained instructors with groups or organizations across campus to provide private workout sessions.

The classes are aimed at groups who would prefer a personal class, consisting of their friends or organization members, that would be taught anywhere they like.

“Most of the time it is an organization who wants to get together and grow together,” Whitney Spota, group exercise coordinator at the Rec, said.

Spota said they offer any class that does not require equipment, including Zumba, TurboKick, Kickboxing, Boot Camp, HardCORE, Yoga and Pilates. Groups only need space large enough to facilitate the class, or they can choose to rent out a room at the Rec to host their group.

Trained instructors from the Rec instruct all classes, charging $50 for a single class and $75 for a combination class, which consists of a two-class session. The fee includes the rental charge, if the organization chooses to rent a room at the facility.

Spota said the Rec has sponsored five traveling private classes this semester with organizations like UA Housing and First Year Scholars.

“I think being with your group, if you’ve never done an exercise class before, can make you feel much more comfortable,” Spota said.

Aubrey Heathcott, group fitness instructor at the Rec, taught one of the group classes at the Presidential Village residence hall on campus.

“I think it’s a really great thing to offer these classes,” Heathcott said. “It gives more of an incentive for people to incorporate exercise in their everyday life.”

Heathcott said the dorm atmosphere was a great place to host the classes. It is more convenient and available for students who do not want to go as far as the Rec to workout.

“Students were able to escape from studying in their dorm room and come down the hall to have fun at a Zumba class for an hour,” Heathcott said.

To register for a private group fitness class, go the group fitness tab on the UA Rec Center website or contact Whitney Spota at