Exam week will end at 2:30 p.m. on Friday beginning fall 2013

Adrienne Burch

Beginning in fall 2013, all final exams will be finished by 2:30 p.m. on the Friday of exam week.

The University of Alabama SGA worked with the Office of the University Registrar to make this change to the final examination schedule. This change eliminates the 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. exam time slots on Friday.

Matt Calderone, SGA president, said he has been working on making this change happen for close to two months.

“I just kept hearing students saying they don’t like having 7 p.m. exams on the Friday before summer or winter break,” Calderone said. “That’s pretty ridiculous that students are not finished before 7 p.m.”

Calerdone, said he noticed several reserved spots that occur earlier in exam week listed on the schedule and decided to ask the registrar’s office if these were still being used.

“This especially benefits graduating seniors,” Calderone said. “Students graduating on Friday evening do not have to worry about the possibility of an exam conflict. We expect these changes to affect the UA community for years to come.”

Denny Savage, associate university registrar, said the registrar’s office had already begun discussing making this change prior to Calderone addressing it because of graduation conflicts.

“The SGA’s interest in the change happened to coincide with a need to move those final two exam slots on Friday due to the potential conflict with a commencement ceremony now that the spring commencement features a Friday, 6 p.m. ceremony,” Savage said.

For the fall 2013 semester, exams previously given Friday at 7 p.m. will now be given during the Wednesday 3:30 p.m. slot replacing a slot previously designated as “reserved.” Exams previously given on Friday at 3:30 p.m. will be given during the Thursday 3:30 p.m. slot which used to be the CS 150 department exam that has now been disbanded.

“The Office of the University Registrar determined that the changes would not overload any particular day and moved the Friday afternoon and evening finals into exam slots no longer being utilized due to disbanded departmental exams,” Savage said.

Calderone said he believes this change will be most beneficial for out-of-state students at the Capstone.

“Now out-of-state students don’t have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to go home,” he said. “They can get an afternoon flight home on Friday.”

Calderone said he thinks professors will be just as pleased as students with the change. This will allow professors to finish semester grades earlier, he said.

The change will take effect in fall 2013. The exam schedule for spring 2013 will remain as scheduled, Savage said.

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