Former SGA president elected to city council

Mark Hammontree

The Tuscaloosa City Council voted to adopt a resolution effectively electing the seven candidates running unopposed in the upcoming municipal elections on July 23.

Among those elected through the resolution was Mayor Walt Maddox, who was never met with opposition after announcing his plans for re-election earlier in the summer.

Another of the seven unopposed candidates was Matt Calderone, the former president of the Student Government Association at The University of Alabama.

Calderone, who will graduate in August, served as SGA president from 2012 until late spring 2013, after winning in a highly contested election.

Before the spring term ended, Calderone announced his plans to run for the Tuscaloosa City Council seat for District 4, a seat previously held by Lee Garrison who himself had been elected to the seat as an undergraduate student at the University.

Garrison is choosing to seek election as the chairman of the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education after having held his seat on the city council since 1997.

In addition to assuring Maddox’s re-election as mayor, the resolution elected Calderone as well as Cynthia Almond, Kip Tyner and Harrison Taylor to the city council. Earnestine Tucker and Norman Crow will take two uncontested seats on the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education.

The three remaining seats on the city council and the remaining seats on the city board of education will be decided in the municipal election, which will take place Aug. 27.

The seven who have already been dubbed elected will join the winners of the election for an inauguration ceremony in November, after which, they will take on their duties.