FIlm series features independent movies

Margaret Wilbourne

At the beginning of the month the Bama Theatre launched their Bama Art House Fall Film Series, a collection of eight films designed to garner interest in the cinema.

The eight movies billeted have been seen on the screens of Sundance and other international film festivals and have also received honors such as the Toronto Film Critics Association Award.

This Tuesday’s film is a documentary called “Stories We Tell” and explores the dynamics within a family of generational storytellers. The film won the Canadian Screen Award and TFCA Award and was nominated for the Golden Trailer and Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award. It analyzes layers of myth and memory within a family to reveal the truth about them.

“It’s considered one of the best documentaries this year,” Danny Ryan, a junior majoring in telecommunication and film, said. “It definitely shows a different perspective on storytelling.”

Ryan said he is grateful for the Art House lineup in a small city like Tuscaloosa.

“It’s one of the only really good local outlets for independent films that you can’t see everywhere,” Ryan said.

Ryan said these documentaries and independent films serve as more than just entertainment, especially to those majoring in TCF.

“The movie really inspired me to get more active in making films and entertaining people,” Ryan said.

Cameron Stiles, a sophomore majoring in history, said that he agrees that these movies provide a necessary outlet for fans of film.

“I think Art House not only promotes independent films but also that camaraderie between people who like those films,” Stiles said.

Ryan also said he recognizes the creative differences brought about in the independent film’s personality.

“There’s a lot more freedom and expression in these films,” he said. “Independent cinema is more of an art form than a blockbuster.”