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Plaid proves a lasting print at Fashion Week

Bianca Martin

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Plaid is associated with something different for each of us. Maybe you connect it to a farmer in overalls and a straw hat. Maybe you immediately think of the hipster guy you see every day at Starbucks who appears to own nothing but the aforementioned print. Or maybe you cringe at the memory of high school, where it seemed every guy had every single shirt that Abercrombie & Fitch came out with each season.

For some unknown reason, it is a trend that evokes either appreciation or disgust out of each of us. But whether you are in love with it or wish it would disappear forever, plaid is a trend that keeps popping its head in every season.

Just look at Hollywood. The trend is worn constantly from the most casual to the most luxurious of events. Celebrities such as Andrew Garfield and Scott Disick wear plaid as they walk down the streets, while Justin Timberlake and Joseph Gordon-Levitt sport the trend in tailored plaid suits on the red carpet.

Plaid is definitely nothing new in the high fashion world. It is a staple pattern for Tommy Hilfiger in all of his fashion and even bedding collections. When we hear the word “Burberry,” we immediately think of the distinctive plaid pattern the brand uses in its shirts, purses and lining of its trench coats.

The trend was also heavily present in the recent New York Fashion Week, where it was shown in the menswear collections of several designers.

Phillip Nam kept it casual with plaid sleeveless shirts, pants and shorts, and Mark McNairy designed a red and green plaid tartan shirt. Ovadia & Sons seemed to play with the trend the most, from their completely plaid suits to tying a plaid shirt around the waist of their models.

With its versatility and easy availability, plaid can be easily implemented in any guy’s closet. Stores such as American Eagle and Gap carry many different colors and variations of the pattern, with low prices from $20 to $50. You may be surprised in how many different ways you can wear one plaid button-down. Just throw one on with a pair of dark slim-legged jeans for an effortless yet put-together look for class.

If you have to dress up and want to get away from the basic business suit, wear that same plaid shirt under your jacket to spice up the outfit and make it a little more daring.

However, if the idea of going completely plaid is not your cup of tea, wear one under a plain V-neck sweater with only the collar and the bottom of the sleeves poking out. It is a simple way to bring some color and pattern into the outfit without being overwhelmed.

So if you are the guy who has always steered clear of the overlapping print because of its proverbial hipster nature, just try it – whether it be with a business suit or just with a pair of casual jeans. It is a lasting trend for a reason, and one you will probably never come back from once you’ve given it a go.

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Plaid proves a lasting print at Fashion Week