Loose clothing stands up to summertime heat

Bianca Martin

Well, everyone, it is almost here. By “it,” I mean summer. The school year is finally winding down, and there is only about one week left until we move out. For some, this means celebrating surviving freshman year, while for others it means graduation and the end of an era.

Regardless, the thought of summer brings everyone a sense of relief. Summer is the time for relaxation, and this feeling should be reflected in your wardrobe. Loose, breezy dresses and tops are my go-to clothes for the season.

Growing up in the hot state of Alabama, I have spent countless summers trying not to sweat to death constricted in tight T-shirts and denim. That outfit can be very uncomfortable at any time of the year, but it’s especially bad in the summer heat.

As my main fashion goal for the summer is trying not to sweat through my shirts, I try to wear as much loose clothing as possible. Any top that constricts my underarms is a recipe for a sweaty disaster. I try to stick to loose tops and dresses made of cool fabric that are thin enough for a breeze to run through.

One of my personal favorite looks is a loose halter-top paired with rolled up jeans. Yes, I know I mentioned before that denim is usually too hot, but a pair of stretchy jeans or jeggings are great for cloudier days. If it is too hot, I would just wear the same top with a pair of shorts.

The summer clothes that I stock up on the most are dresses. From sun dresses to bohemian ones, dresses are the perfect look for summer. Dresses have the power to make it look like you put in a successful effort to look cute and polished, even if you really just woke up and got ready in five minutes.

One summer garment that may not be expected is a cardigan. There was a time when I would have immediately thought someone was crazy if they advised me to wear a cardigan in the summer. However, many designers are now making cardigans with thin fabric to wear on warm nights. Cardigans go great with cut-offs, a tank top and sandals to make a laid-back and easy look.

Another huge part of my efforts to stay cool in the summer is keeping my hair up. Instead of just throwing my hair into a bun on the top of my head, I try different pretty hairstyles. Stores have plenty of hair accessories like headbands and flower clips that can add a little extra fun to a casual look. For ideas on what types of hairstyles to try, YouTube is always a convenient first stop. There are hundred of tutorials on easy up-dos for the summer, from chic braids to messy buns.

So this summer, try not to sweat too much. Keep your outfits simple and cool. Let them be true embodiments of the relaxing season.