Dialogue and action key for progressive campus organizations

Cassidy Ellis

Student progressives and progressive student leaders on this campus are all too often horribly apathetic until some big scandal occurs that gets their organization media attention. However, the conversation that erupted after last fall’s sorority exposé has been ?continuously ongoing, though it has become less “en vogue.”

As students at this great University, we know the administration and the SGA will not work with us unless we cause a national newsworthy scene, and, if they act, it is only for the benefit of their own public relations. Progressive students now have to take the conversations that have been going on since last fall and evolve them into a campus-wide movement to combat the apathy in our administration/SGA and within our own progressive community. It’s not enough for Samaria Johnson to critique the administration or to continuously criticize student organizations that are actively attempting to inspire change, and it’s not enough for these progressive organizations to merely talk about change without ?taking any action.

I’m calling on student leaders and progressives across campus to mobilize – to start campaigns and coalitions with one another to force the administration into listening to us. An Office of Diversity is necessary, and, like Johnson stated, we’re one of the only SEC schools without one. The administration must take proactive steps to ensure that all students feel safe on campus, but as I’ve said, they’re not going to do it unless we push them.

I commend Johnson for regularly critiquing the administration and their lackluster performance in regards to the issues faced by minorities. However, it’s time for all of us to stop only talking and start taking action. In the words of Maya Angelou, “Nothing will work until you do.”

Cassidy Ellis is a graduate student in gender and race studies.