Creative Co-op to host open house sale

Creative Co-op to host open house sale

The Creative Co-op will host their Second Annual Open House Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in 206 Woods Hall. Photo Courtesy of Ibrahim Adnnan Al Bannai

Angela Thomas

The event will not only celebrate the organization’s birthday month, but also serve as an opportunity for students to meet current members and learn more about Creative Co-op. All items for sale are handmade by students at the University. Works at the open house will range from traditional art pieces to T-shirts and dream catchers. Almost all pieces will be priced to meet a college student’s spending budget.

Once rooted in Creative Campus, The University of Alabama’s art advocacy organization, Creative Co-op is now an independent organization that provides an outlet for creating, selling and purchasing artistic works between students. According to their website, the goal of Creative Co-op is to provide 
student artists and crafters with opportunities to connect with potential buyers while learning how to market themselves in a community.

Sarah Gardiner Johns, a sophomore majoring in interdisciplinary studies, said Creative Co-op helps keep her and her art in check.

“Co-op has been beneficial for me as an artist because it has provided a supportive community to keep me accountable for making something every day,” she said.

Members of Creative Co-op plan shows, sales and lectures throughout the year in order to build experience while still in college. Their events are set both on and off campus for students to sell and display their art and creative wares.

Lori Taylor, a senior majoring in studio art, has been a member of Creative Co-op since its formation in 2012 and is serving as the organization’s president this year. She said Creative Co-op is important not only to its members who gain experience as working artists, but to the entire UA campus.

“We hope to teach students that creativity and art exists in our community and is accessible to everyone and every budget,” she said. “This campus is full of makers and an incredible amount of talent just waiting to be explored.”

Gardiner Johns said Creative Co-op encourages its members to find new ways to create on a regular basis.

“Since joining co-op, I’ve been more active in my art-making,” she said. “Even if it isn’t for selling, I’ve been inspired by other members to branch out and try new mediums and styles of art-making.”

Aside from creating a comfortable environment for students to publicly showcase their work, Creative Co-op periodically invites guest speakers to lecture on topics like sustaining an art career or how to best package and price their work based to specific audiences. Workshops are also provided on proper framing techniques before any gallery show. Taylor said the group hopes to expand this year beyond just sales and exhibition of student work.

“This year we plan on creating some relaxing D.I.Y. weekends to build friendships among our newest members and be a nice break for this group of creative students,” she said.

Plan to Go:

What: Creative Co-op Open House art sale

When: Thursday

Where: Woods Hall 206