Crimson Tide Ballroom Dancers holds first dance event

Crimson Tide Ballroom Dancers holds first dance event

Lauren Weber, Michael Sides, Robin Clarke and Malcom Foley will host their first dance of the semester Saturday night with a football and tailgate theme. Photo by Jennifer Kunz

Luisa Sanchez

CTBD is a student-affiliated organization that hosts monthly ballroom dances and weekly beginner lessons every Sunday for those interested in learning different dance styles including waltz, rumba, swing, salsa, tango and samba.

“The main purpose of this organization is to bring life into those who want to learn social dance and encourage others that had not experienced ballroom dancing in the past,” Jennifer Kunz, the group’s co-founder, said.

Kunz founded the group along with her husband in 2006. By 2010, Kunz decided to affiliate with The University of Alabama in order to bring more diversity in members and styles of dance to the group. Kunz currently serves as the head of public relations and dance instructor for the group.

Michael Sides, president of CTBD, said beginner lessons are accessible to all students of any dance level.

“There aren’t any requirements to join, anyone can do it,” Sides said. “No dance experience is necessary and there are always plenty of people who are happy to help newer members out.”

Bethany Carter, a senior 
majoring in political science and classics, said the CTBD is a great organization for people of all levels of interest and 
dance expertise.

“The organization is a great way for both experienced dancers as well as people completely new to ballroom dancing to learn and have fun in a low-pressure environment,” she said.

In the past, the group has had up to 80 attendees at events. Partners are not required to attend lessons or events, and attire is casual. For monthly dances, attire can be more formal depending on the event’s theme. Sides said the group works to be active in keeping its members informed through their Facebook page and frequent emails.

For Samantha Brown, a freshman majoring in biology, the organization has been a great opportunity to meet new people and a great stress reliever.

“I have really enjoyed the time I have spent with the ballroom dancers,” Brown said. “It is a thrill to learn different style dances and share them with the people you get to meet.”

Crimson Tide Ballroom Dancers offers a lifetime membership to interested students at no cost. Beginner and intermediate dance lessons are free and for monthly dances there is a suggested donation of $5 for students, $7 for non-students and $12 per couple.

The first CTBD event of the year will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Calvary Baptist Church gym at 1121 Paul W Bryant Drive. Attire is casual or game day clothes. CTBD also holds beginner lessons every Sunday from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Calvary Baptist Church gym.