Dance Alabama! to return

Dance Alabama! to return

Dance Alabama is a student-run organization giving UA students the ability to dance outside of the structure of a dance major. CW File.

Stephanie Gaytan

Christian Timothy, a senior majoring in musical theatre, choreographed a piece for this year’s production called “Inner City Monologues.” The piece explores the rush of living in the city.

“I grew up in the surrounding areas of different urban areas in Birmingham,” Timothy said. “The people there are so interesting. They all have their own story, hence why I called it ‘Inner City Monologues,’ because each dancer is going through their own struggle during the dance.”

Timothy is also dancing in three other pieces choreographed by senior dance majors. He said Dance Alabama! sits apart from other programs because of the show’s organization and showcasing.

“First off, it is completely student-run, which means it is our thoughts, our ideas, our hearts and souls that we are choreographing and putting on stage,” 
Timothy said.

Samantha Wilke, a freshman majoring in dance and biology, is performing in two pieces in the upcoming show. One is a hip-hop piece called “Thrift Shop,” and the other is a contemporary jazz piece called “Savage.” Outside of her performances, Wilke said she is excited to see the other pieces, especially fellow student Mallory Herring’s duet.

“It’s a mixed media piece,” she said. “At one point one of the dancers is dancing with her partner’s projection on the backdrop.”

Tickets can be purchased at, at the box office in the lobby of Rowand-Johnson Hall and at the door. Tickets are $14 for students, $17 for faculty members and staff and $20 for adults.