Exhibit displays tech art pieces

Yun Yu

Students have combined science with art to make an exhibit combining technical aspects with artistic features.

[ENTER]Connect, an exhibition hosted by UA Makerspace, is being held at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center. It kicked off on Nov. 7 and will conclude on Nov. 26.

All the works in the exhibition are made by UA students from a diverse range of disciplines. The students worked with 3-D printers and other advanced technology. The new Idea Lab in Hardaway Hall allows students to explore technology and new instruments and facilitates a variety of projects.

“The works presented in the exhibit will range from 3-D-printed and laser-cut sculptures to computer-generated animation and sound installations,” said Kevin Ledgewood, the public relations coordinator for Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center.

UA Makerspace is a new interdisciplinary student group that establishes artistic projects with the use of advanced 

“Art and science are not juxtaposed but inextricably linked,” said Jamey Grimes, an adviser for UA Makerspace.

Hao Wang, a junior majoring in electrical engineering, is taking a class this semester that has led him to work in the Idea Lab, and has a piece in [ENTER]Connect.

“I feel so excited to have a chance to show my production in front of so many people,” Wang said.

Wang’s photosensitive vase is the only electrical production in the exhibition. The vase can automatically change its direction according to the orientation of the 
strongest light.

An additional evening of short talks given by students to demonstrate the process behind creating their works will be featured Friday at 5 p.m.