Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with The Reflector sports editor

Kayla Montgomery

As Alabama prepares to face top-ranked Mississippi State in Bryant-Denny Stadium this weekend, Blake Morgan, the sports editor of Mississippi State’s The Reflector, shared a few words on his thoughts about their season overall as they drive into Tuscaloosa this weekend. 

Q: What do you think the win against Arkansas said about the team this year?

A: It said that this team can be resilient and win games. Up until that point, the team really hadn’t been in a tight, close game at the very end, or at least in a game that you didn’t really know you were going to win throughout the whole game. LSU came on strong at the end and was very competitive, but throughout that whole game Mississippi State was really in control of it. Arkansas was the first game the team had to dig down deep for four quarters and come up with a win and that was the biggest thing that we needed from it.

Q: What do you think the game plan will be coming into Tuscaloosa?

A: It’s going to be to put the game on Dak Prescott’s shoulders, along with Josh Robinson – they’ve been a really dynamic duo for Mississippi State’s offense this year. That’s what it will have to be. Also, trying to pound a physical Alabama defense, kind of wear them out and get some deep balls down the field. It’s been a really good game plan so far this year, so I would imagine there will be something like that.

Q: What kind of impact does a running back like Robinson bring to the offense?

A: Robinson adds so much to State’s offense. He is so hard to tackle and gains an extra yard or two every single carry. Over the course of the game, that will add up. Also, it’s just mentally taxing on defenses to try and tackle him for four quarters.

Q: How do you think the team will respond to a receiver like Amari Cooper?

A: That’s a really good question, and Mississippi State has been torched a number of times this year by not so great wide receivers. UAB put up just huge passing numbers, Kentucky put up really big passing numbers. It’s going to be cornerback by committee – Jamerson Love, Will Redmond and Taveze Calhoun, and I think between those three guys, you’ll see a rotating door of all of them trying to guard Cooper, and they’re definitely going to be some help over the top with the safeties. You just have to try to hope you can contain what Amari can do.

Q: After the Arkansas game, Dan Mullen talked about how important small improvements have been. How do you think the team has progressed from the beginning of the season to now?

A: The offense has definitely progressed. At first, it was a whole lot of Dak using his legs, letting Robinson pound the ball, and it definitely turned into a full balanced effort now. Using Dak through the air. Also, Jameon Lewis, who is the senior leader of the wide receiver core, has been out the last few games, and true freshman Ian Miles has stepped up. Everyone has come together and the wide receiver corp. has definitely stepped up even without having Jameon Lewis in the lineup. I would definitely say the wide receiver corps has been the biggest part of the team that has stepped up.