Hurst share major, college experience

University of Alabama students Taylor, Garrett and Blake Hurst are not just triplets, they also share the same major. CW | Hannah Widener

Hannah Widener

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“Our teachers used to mix us up at first if they didn’t know us,” Garrett Hurst said. “For those first few years, we used to wear belt buckles that had our names on them so they wouldn’t get confused.”

What sets the Hurst triplets apart from most siblings who go to The University of Alabama is that they are not only identical, but all share the same major. Taylor and Blake Hurst are majoring in mechanical engineering, and Garrett Hurst will be graduating in December with his masters in civil engineering. During their time at the University, the brothers had to co-op, alternating work with school every semester.

Before coming to the University, the Hurst triplets attended junior college for two years and then made their decision between Auburn University and The University of Alabama. Blake Hurst said as soon as they were born, they were told they were going to be Crimson Tide fans.

“We grew up on our grandparents’ farm, and they had a bunch of cars, vehicles and tractors,” Blake Hurst said. “We knew opportunity for employment for engineers was pretty high, and it was a stable career. In reality though, I decided to do engineering, and [my siblings] 
just followed.”

Alternating work and school was hard at first, Taylor Hurst said, but they talked to each other once a week and visited when they could. Growing up, each of the 
brothers had their own room but shared a bathroom until they were 15 years old. Now Blake and Garrett Hurst share a room, and Blake Hurst says his brother keeps him focused.

“My favorite thing about Garrett – well, it’s got to be the good looks,” Blake Hurst said. “I’m just kidding. My favorite thing about Garrett is that he pushes me to be a better person. His motivation and determination – and he’s always been very good in school – and his competitiveness pushes me to do better.”

After they graduate, the brothers will move to different parts of Alabama to work for different companies, but before that they plan to spend their last night in Tuscaloosa together.

“We’ve always been together, and growing up we’ve always had similar interests,” Blake Hurst said. “We will definitely be together the night before I graduate. I have other friends, but these guys are my best friends.”