Students tell tales during Tide Talks

Amanda Sare

Tide Talks is set to take on self-inverting global relationships and health stigmas from the student perspective.

The event, which is held multiple times over the 
year, features at least one student telling their story.

This month, speakers include Matt Lambert, who will be speaking about “making an investment in yourself”; Alexandra Moffitt, who will discuss why international and cultural interactions are important for global relationships; Jake Little, who will speak about the importance of privacy in an increasingly “public-knows-all” world and senior Olivia Hodge, who will break down health stigma and discussing how to construct productive dialogue regarding how we currently view our health.

Tide Talks is different from other events because it allows only students who are hand-picked from a group of nominees to speak at the event. The only requirement is that speakers must be 
students, juniors or above, who have thought-provoking, engaging stories to tell.

“What I enjoy most about Tide Talks is working with an inspiring group of amazing people,” said President Kevin Pabst. “Both the exec team and the 
 speakers put forth such a 
tremendous effort to do something awesome for the student body.”

Senior David Roberts said he has never attended 
Tide Talks.

“I have always wanted to attend a Tide Talks, and I have just never gotten to around to it,” Roberts said. “I even have been thinking about nominating one of 
my friends.”

Previous speakers include Tom Keele, Gabrielle 
Smith, Ryan Davis, Jessica White and many more. All of the past Tide Talks can be found on Vimeo, located on the Tide Talks website.

Any student interested in becoming a part of 
the Tide Talks executive 
team can apply on 
their website.

Any student who may have a story they think is significant and needs to be heard or a friend who should be nominated can sign up on the Tide Talks website at