Just to clarify: feminism is for everybody

UA Feminist Caucus

He specifically cites a UA Feminist Caucus (UAFC) advertisement that featured seven cartoon depictions of people of varying skin colors, ability statuses, heights, sizes and gender performances, but since “it was not obvious” that any of the figures were presented as male, this one advertisement is indicative of the entire movement’s lack of inclusion. There are entire courses dedicated to gender performance and what it “means” to look or act like a particular gender, so this article won’t delve into that. However, we would like to address the major issue raised by Parks’ article.

First and foremost, the feminist movement and the UA Feminist Caucus welcome, appreciate and value the support of men. It should be noted, however, that men move through society with ease that women do not have access to. Men – specifically white men – can generally occupy any social institution without being faced with systemic prejudices. Feminism provides a space for women and historically marginalized groups who face discrimination (sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc.) on a daily basis to empower and uplift 
one another.

Parks’ critique of UAFC’s lack of inclusivity and his statement that feminists should “do a better job welcoming a diverse set of supporters” is simply unfounded. UAFC has held several events this semester specifically devoted to promoting and encouraging inclusivity and explaining how people of all identities, including gender, can and should be involved in the feminist movement. Most notably, we held an event titled “Feminism Is For Everybody,” which featured a panel of men and women of varying ages, sexual orientations and races discussing why feminism is important and 
essential to their lives.

Where were Parks and the other concerned men who have critiqued campus feminists through the CW this semester? Dynamic and inclusive feminist discussions have been going on across campus.

We appreciate the interest and support of men but acknowledge that the movement cannot and should not change to make men more comfortable. After all, women and historically marginalized groups aren’t comfortable with the systemic oppression we face on a daily basis.

We call on everyone who is interested in feminism to become educated on the movement and get involved before making uninformed statements. Keep in mind that the feminist movement is a place for all people who are 
concerned with social equity.

This letter was written by UAFC’s Executive Committee and represents their shared interests and concerns with the recent article “Feminists must make their positions clear to attract 
more supporters.”