New season brings new lipstick shades

New season brings new lipstick shades

2014 is the year of the darker colored lipstick. CW | Mary-Catherine Hodges

Mary Catherine Hodges

As we welcome a new semester, along comes the anticipation of a new year, new classes, fresh starts and more importantly, new styles.

There is no better time to put away the lipsticks of 2014 – goodbye cherry red – and say hello to the new colors of 2015: dark red and purple.

If your lipstick repertoire typically consists of pinks, neutrals, a vibrant red or anything in between, these dark hues make a beautiful tone for winter and have an eye-catching appeal.

Although a dark lip color can seem intimidating, balance out a dark lip with neutral-colored clothing. Grey, cream and taupe are especially complimentary. For a more intense look, pair a dark lip with vibrant royal or navy blue, black, red or green clothing.

Shades to try:

Bobbi Brown: Party Rose and Spiced Wine

Revlon: Blackcherry


Maybelline: Raisin Rapture


Kat Von D: Vampira

Nars: Oxblood Burgundy