Back to School Bash to be held

Jennie Kushner

Students are invited to attend the first annual Back to School Bash, hosted by the Sales and Marketing Association, the MBA School and Career Center, Monday, Aug. 30, from 5 to 8 p.m.

The event will take place at the Ferguson Plaza.

While listening to a DJ’s tunes, students will take part in the event’s goal, which is to make students of all majors more aware of career opportunities in the marketing and sales fields. Admission is a ream of copy paper that will be donated to Holt Elementary School.

“Zig Ziglar had a saying, ‘You can get anything in the world that you want if you help someone else get what they want’,” said Lenita Davis, an associate professor of marketing. “So it seems only fitting that we kick off the new year by helping teachers get want they want for the classroom.”

Davis said there will be materials informing students about the sales program, MBA program and the Career Center.

“Students can give to others, have fun, get prizes, help others and help themselves,” Davis said. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Astrid Stringer, a senior majoring in advertising, said in addition to educating students, there will be three contests for attendees to compete in. Pizza and a drink will be sold for $1.99.

“There will be a dance competition where the best dancer wins, and there will be prizes and giveaways for that,” she said. “There will be an ABC competition where you dress for the first game in anything but clothes. The person’s outfit must be able to withstand a windstorm, and the last one is the biggest fan competition – the person who comes with the most Alabama apparel wins.”

Those who donate reams of paper will receive a 10 percent discount at the SUPe Store.

Stringer said the goal of the event is to alert students that the notion of limited job availability is false. Students of any major have the opportunity to take four marketing course at the University and receive a sales certification.

“Taking those four classes and getting a sales certification is not only something students can put on their resumes, it will give students more opportunities in the long run,” she said. ‘The classes are three hours each and are at the 300 and 400 level.”

Davis said recruiters aggressively pursue students in the sales program.

“Currently we have more jobs than students,” she said.  “Entry salaries range from $35,000 up to and including $78,000.”

Recruiters will be on hand to talk to students informally, Davis said.

“We have invited corporate recruiters so that they can meet our students in an informal setting and improve their exposure across campus,” she said.

The event is financed by the UA Sales program, whose mission is to serve the Capstone, the community and corporate, Davis said.