Student-run lecture series Tide Talks celebrates 2-year birthday

Student-run lecture series Tide Talks celebrates 2-year birthday

Tide Talks celebrated its second birthday with piñatas, cake and a wide host of talented speakers and entertainers. CW | Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson

“Tide Talks X represents where we’ve been and where we’re going,” said Joey Weed, incoming Tide Talks president who helped organize the event.

The organization’s 10th event kicked off with a yo-yo performance by Jason Speare and opening speaker Brandon Chicotsky.

Chicotsky discussed equity branding theory and how it can be used to make everyone famous in their own way.

“The fact is, we all have a brand,” said Chicotsky, who, in a 2008 marketing stunt, made a viral campaign to sell advertising space on his bald head.

Riptide, The University of Alabama’s hip-hop dance team, performed next, prepping the stage for biology major Monica Brint, who discussed designing a science tutoring program called Discovery Buddies.

Brint, who is pursuing a career in medicine, said reaching out into communities to help affect real change is the best way to connect passions to people.

This was followed by Kellen Schroeter, a senior passionate about space exploration and the profitability of asteroid mining.

The lecture series was closed by Carly Jackson, a student who shared a friend’s personal story about sexual assault and brought attention to an issue that affects one in six American women.

Weed concluded the event, dismissing the attendees to birthday cake in the lobby.

“Remember that we need students like you to nominate speakers to help highlight diverse thoughts and revolutionary ideas,” he said.