Practical solutions to prevalent problems

Tate Thomas

As a sophomore, I had the privilege to represent the College of Engineering as a senator, serving on both the Ethics Committee and Need-Based Scholarship Committee. As an engineer, I always strive to ascertain an understanding of the inner workings of processes, or, simply put, how things work. This senate term provided me with a knowledge of the “gears” of the SGA, the legislative procedure, a knowledge that has been instrumental to my work this year on the Executive Council.

My current title in the SGA is Chief Implementation Officer, or CIO. My job is to implement projects that fall under a broad umbrella of responsibilities. This multifaceted position has allowed me the opportunity to work with a number of executives and receive a glimpse into aspects of each of the executive cabinets. As a result, I now have a firm grasp on the numerous functions of Student Government. I believe this is what sets me apart and makes me capable to handle the various roles of the 
VPSA position.

The CIO team has worked on a number of successful projects this year. The average reader might have noticed the presence of shakers available to the student section at every home football game. This was a result of my collaboration with Crimson Tide Marketing, a portion of the Athletics Department. Another project that one might have heard about this year is the new Athletics Proposal 
dealing with the allotment of away-game football tickets. This new proposal would reward students who are dedicated not only in the 
classroom but also in attending non-football sporting events. I was able to work alongside Kevin Paul, Chief Administrative Officer, to draft the algorithm that determines a student’s eligibility based on credit hours, GPA and sporting attendance, a far superior system to the current one, which is based solely upon 
credit hours.

Of the many projects I’ve worked on this year, my Student Non-Academic Misconduct forgiveness proposal will be, in my opinion, the most impactful to the everyday lives of a considerable portion of our student body. Currently, when a student receives a SNAM citation, it remains on his or her academic record for seven years. However, with a SNAM forgiveness program in place, more minor offenses of the Student Code of Conduct (including but not limited to: Minor-in-Possession, Open Container and Possession of a Fake ID) may be expunged from a student’s record after a period of good behavior. This proposal is currently being reviewed by the Dean of Students, and it is my firm belief that, if elected, I will see to its implementation during my time in office. I believe this project is the best example of my dedication to working for the direct benefit of our student body.

I believe in positive change, in moving forward when others seem content standing still. I truly feel blessed to attend this university, and I consider it an honor to give back to a student body that has given me so much. In my opinion, my experiences here at the Capstone have shaped the man I am today, and when I someday leave this university, I want to be able to look back at my time here and know that I made a difference. I am not the flashy candidate, the verbose politico that you are all so very used to by now. My track record is one of practical solutions to prevalent problems, and I can assure you that will continue to be my approach if you as a student body choose to elect me Vice President of Student Affairs.

Tate Thomas is a candidate running for the position of Vice President of Student Affairs.