SGA Needs New Direction and New Energy

Ryan Campbell

I seek to be your next Vice 
President of Student Affairs because our SGA needs new direction and new energy. I will work to implement 
programs that will bring about a campus that is safe, fun and focused on the future. It’s also very important that I give people specifics on the programs I want to implement. In terms of 
creating a safer campus, I believe we need to improve how students are transported after the sun goes down. As I have gone around this campus and talked to students from all backgrounds, this is clear: people do not feel comfortable walking around after dark whether it’s to the library, the Ferguson Center or the Student Recreation Center. As a result student academics, health and social 
relationships suffer. If I am elected I will work to implement an auxiliary transport system. The idea behind this is setting up a shuttle system for people who are on campus but want to get somewhere else quickly and safely after dark. This system would be cheaper, quicker, more agile and more environmentally friendly than 348-RIDE.

We also need to focus on making the SGA fun so that people want to get involved. If elected Vice President of Student Affairs I want to implement fun SGA initiatives so people understand what the SGA can do for them. If elected I will work to start a SGA Dog Park somewhere on campus so that we can come together and enjoy our favorite pets. I will also work to start a school-wide March Madness bracket so that people can have a fun experience while watching college basketball’s most 
exciting time.

Lastly, the SGA needs to focus on the future. If elected SGA Vice President I want to develop a Student Non-Academic Misconduct forgiveness program for young students who make mistakes. This will allow people to learn their lesson and also put more emphasis on personal development. The SGA also needs to focus on programs and initiatives that make it clear that our university is committed to ensuring women and minorities succeed. As Vice President of Student Affairs I will call for $20,000 to be directed towards women and 
minority organizations.

Through these different initiatives we can bring about a safe, fun and more inclusive campus but we must make the right choice on Election Day. We must as a campus decide that we deserve better leadership. Don’t sit on the sideline this election. Get involved, get informed and on Tuesday, March 10 vote Ryan Campbell as your next Vice President of Student Affairs.

Ryan Campbell is a candidate running for the position of Vice President of Student Affairs.