Rainwear can be functional, cute


Rainy weather apparel has been revamped to feature more than the yellow raincoat, including items such as patterned, ankle-high rain boots. Amazon.com

Sydney Smith

April ­showers might bring May flowers, but they also make it hard to embrace fashion while avoiding puddles. Fortunately, rain style has improved immensely in the last couple of years, and it’s possible to look straight off the runway while 
rocking wellies.

Gone are the days of yellow raincoats; the new king of inclement weather is the stylish rain boot. The range of choices is endless with brands like Hunter and Ilse Jacobsen, both making quality products with distinct features. Boots now come in a variety of heights, from knee high all the way down to ankle. These boots come in the usual array of bright, punchy colors, but also feature cool prints that look like marble or color blocking.

Rain boots aren’t the only shoes getting in on the rainy day action. Styles such as moccasins, Keds, Chelsea boots and even pumps are being cast in rubber, adding further variety to the world of weather-resistant shoes. Because rubber is dense, the Keds are much heavier than their cotton counterpart and can feel a bit clunky. But these alternatives are a great way to brave wet weather conditions while also pulling off business casual, or even business 
professional, with black rubber pumps.

In addition to shoes, rain can also mess up the bottoms of pants. Of course, high waters are almost never a good look, but cuffing jeans or khakis keeps them above the ankle while still channeling a young, easy appearance. Making the cuff a bit messy makes this look just the right amount of disheveled. If it is a warmer day, nothing looks better with wellies than a flouncy skirt or dress. Throw on a comfy, casual t-shirt dress and don’t hesitate to jump through some puddles on the way across the quad.

And about the raincoat: this seemingly imperative piece of rainy day clothing has also undergone a makeover. A Northface or Columbia jacket will lend a more casual look. Pull one on over a sundress to create an air of effortlessness. More stylish coats, like those from Michael Kors or Eddie Bauer, are great to pair with the alternative rain shoe options for a more business or dressed-up appearance. These coats are the most versatile as they can be used in practically every aspect of life.

No matter what the style, rainy day weather is something that everyone has to contend with. Better to feel good in an outfit and grab an umbrella and boots than give up on feeling good about your appearance. The many choices and variety in apparel ensures that there is a rainy day outfit for every occasion.