Elliot Spillers wins the SGA presidency

Elliot Spillers wins the SGA presidency

Junior Elliot Spillers is one of two candidates running for 2015-2016 Student Government President. CW | Pete Pajor

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Elliot Spillers will be the next president of the Student Government Association at The University of Alabama.

Spillers defeated Stephen Keller in Tuesday’s election, election officials announced to each candidate. According to the Keller campaign, Spillers received around 8,000 votes out of around 14,500 total. According to data provided to the United Alabama Project by Kelli Knox-Hall, that total is the most since the 2009 election (14,469), surpassing last year’s total of 10,276. 

Spillers is the first black president of the SGA since 1976, when Cleo Thomas won the position. 

UPDATE: 14,931 votes were cast. Spillers received 8,602.

UPDATE: Election results are in for the other executive offices

Executive vice president: Polly Ricketts

Vice president for academic affairs: Addison Arnold

Vice president for external affairs: Jonathan Hess

Vice president for financial affairs: Ben Leake

Vice president for student affairs: Branden Greenberg

Executive secretary: Katrina Swarthout

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