SGA Senate Results

Heather Buchanan

Forty-three University of Alabama students were elected to the SGA Senate in Tuesday’s election. The election results included no senator chosen to represent the Law School and a tie for the sixth College of Engineering Seat.

A run-off election between Alexandrea Friar and Jethro Torczon will be held Thursday to determine the sixth Engineering senator. Other senators elected to the Engineering Senate are Cassie Clifton, Jack Grantham, Kever Lewis, Reid Ruggles and Jon Vincent.

Kelli Knox-Hall, SGA Elections Board Advisor, said the Elections Board is addressing the lack of Law School senatorial candidates.

“The Law School did not have any students apply in advance to run for the position but there were a few write-ins that garnered enough votes for a seat,” Knox-Hall said. “The Elections Board is working on contacting the individuals and certifying their credentials for the position. In addition, the Board is confirming their willingness to serve in the position.”

Knox-Hall also said four of the six the Graduate School senate seats were still empty after elections. The Graduate School elected two senators, Rebecca Rose Lutonsky and Landon Nichols, Jr. Knox-Hall said the Elections Board will handle this situation similarly to the situation in the Law School Senate

In addition to these two schools, eight other colleges elected their SGA senators for the 2015-2016 school year.

The 12 senators for the College of Arts & Sciences senators are Sam Baker, Dalton Beasley, Rebecca Denson, Alyssa Kessler, Nick Key, Joan Leslie McGill, Sarah Puckett, Lillian Roth, Alli Selman, Alex Smith, Caroline Smith and Hayley White.

The College of Communication and Information Sciences senators are Jackson Britton, Paige Lindgren, David Solon and Marissa Turk.

The College of Commerce and Business Administration senators are Reece Bell, Jeff Burnstine, Zachary Cox, Emily Ferons, Patrick Fitzgerald, Kelsi Long, Lance McCaskey, Thomas Mills, Tyler Portanova and Hunter Richey.

The College of Education senators are Emily Cerrina and Sarah Beth Patterson.

The College of Human and Environmental Sciences senators are Lee Bonner, Alex Grady, Reagan Hattaway and Tyson Steere.

The College of Nursing senators are Blake Wing and Megan Wingbermuehle.

The School of Social Work senators are Rachel Hartley and Caroline Miller.