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SGA vice president runoff cancelled pending appeal

Rachel Brown, Katie Shepherd, Lauren Lane

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The Student Government Association Elections Board cancelled Thursday’s run-off election for the position of vice president of student affairs pending an appeal, which is now being reviewed by the SGA Judicial Board.

“I made an appeal against the election board and it’s an open case,” said Branden Greenberg, a candidate for the position who received the plurality of the votes in the initial election. Greenberg also appealed to the judicial board.

According to the SGA constitution, “In the event that candidates for any executive office fail to receive a majority of votes cast, then a run-off election shall be conducted preferably one week later, but no later than twenty full class days after the election, for the two candidates that receive the largest percentage of votes.”

Greenberg received 6,437 votes out of a total of 13,440 votes cast in this election, which amounts to 48 percent. Tate Thomas, who came in second out of the three candidates for vice president of student affairs, received 3,469 votes. 

In this case, Greenberg received a plurality, not a majority, resulting in the need for an additional run-off election according to the SGA constitution.

“We are waiting on word just like everyone else,” Thomas said.

The Greenberg campaign will present at a formal hearing in front of the Student Judicial Board and the runoff will be suspended until further notice. Cathy Andreen, director of media relations, said if there is to be a runoff election, students will be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

SGA Chief Justice Emily Melton released an opinion late Wednesday night calling for the runoff to be delayed while Greenberg’s case is under consideration. Melton’s statement recommends the runoff take place Monday should Greenberg’s appeal be denied. The SGA Elections Board will make the final decision regarding a runoff election, Melton said.

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SGA vice president runoff cancelled pending appeal