Festival styles can be utilized everyday

Festival styles can be utilized everyday

Crop tops are a staple for many fashionable festival outfits. Amazon

Sydney Smith

With Coachella wrapping up this past weekend, festival season is upon us, bringing with it an abundance of fringe, artful denim and every shape of sunglasses imaginable. Embracing a relaxed, West Coast style, celebrities and normal people alike have been seen layering embellished fabrics and stomping around in an array of leather ankle boots. These looks might seem like a stretch for normal day-to-day style, but with a bit of editing, festival style is 
easily attainable.

The coming summer temperatures make the ever-present crop top extremely wearable. Add a new twist by wearing one with embroidery or mirror embellishment. Throw on a pair of denim cutoffs – the more artful rips, the better. A high waist on the bottoms will keep the look modest enough for every day but still true to the style. This works the same way with skirts. A vintage leather belt can do wonders to make any skirt look more expensive and cooler overall.

Because it is spring, start to venture into whites and pastels. A nice sherbet green and a white denim skirt a la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a great way to stay classy, yet breezy. Try a caftan or maxi dress to stay super comfy but still look like some effort was exerted. Dresses magically make everyone think that your style game is on point. Try different belts or experimental ways of wearing jewelry to really make a plain dress look more unique. Ever tried a body chain? A couple of long metal chain necklaces clasped together will work and cost much less than a trendy option on Etsy. Also experiment with necklaces as bracelets and earrings as brooches.

Noticed those headbands that everyone seems to start wearing come spring? Bobby pin a necklace into the front of the hair to DIY one that might be even prettier than ones currently on the market. Another super trendy festival wear is the M-slit skirt. Grab a maxi or midi length solid skirt and cut two equal slits on each thigh to DIY this look often seen on the likes of 
Kendall Jenner.

Once the base outfit is figured out, it’s time to decide on footwear. From festival style pictures, it is obvious that you can’t go wrong with a sturdy pair of leather ankle boots. Slight height differences will be flattering depending on leg shape, so try on a few pairs to figure out what works best. Want to break out the sandals instead? Grab a ‘90s inspired pair of jellies to really go for nostalgia chic. As always, summer brings lower heels as everyone becomes more active and casual, but if a heel is a must, make it a chunky one and something with structure.

With a few edits and keeping in mind day-to-day activities, festival style is attainable for anyone. Now head to the thrift store or that part of the closet that hasn’t been touched since last summer, and start 
getting imaginative.