Students react to new seating options after home opener

Jennie Kushner

Although many students appreciate the new student organization seating, the sudden transformation has raised concern for some.

On Sept. 2, the CW reported that all 34 applicants received block seating. Comparatively, last year’s greek-only block seating consisted of about 20 organizations.

“Organizations have taken it upon themselves to self-regulate who sits in their assigned section,” said Stephen Swinson, SGA vice president of student affairs. “Overall, we felt Student Organization Seating was a success at the San Jose State game.”

Swinson said the SOS committee members survey the sections to assist students and settle disputes. The SGA has ordered wristbands to distribute to SOS organizations to ensure individuals are correctly seated and to avoid overcrowding.

Jep Hill, a senior majoring in accounting, views block seating as an opportunity for students of similar interest to view the game mutually.

“I like block seating, because it allows students to be awarded based on collective academics and campus involvement,” he said. “The additional groups designated for block seating are a very good sign, and I hope to see more associations involved in the future.”

Sarah Hess, a sophomore majoring in advertising, said the new block seating seemed too compressed to view the game enjoyably.

“I think it’s great the University is taking strides to incorporate various student organizations in the block seating,” she said. “Even though we just added on to the stadium, with all the groups sitting in the block seating, it seems like we needed to add a couple thousand extra seats during the renovation.”

Swinson said, “It was great having new organizations in the section and we hope they enjoyed the experience.”

In addition to newcomers in the block seating, the High Tide Club also launched at the San Jose State game.

Peyton Falkenburg, deputy chief of staff and executive director of the HTC, said the organization saw a vast turnout for the season opener.

“After the game we received some positive feedback from members and ways to improve the section,” Falkenburg said. “We are currently at 1300 members and hope to expand on that number.”

Falkenburg said the ultimate goal of the HTC is to occupy the entire student section in the upper deck.

“The seats weren’t as bad as they were rumored to be,” said Shelby Cox, a sophomore majoring in management information systems. “All my friends signed up, so I did; plus, we thought we would try it out for the San Jose State game.”

Cox said he enjoyed being a part of the HTC, and, with a membership fee of only $10, the free T-shirt alone covers the cost.