Socks add creativity to menswear

Socks add creativity to menswear

Brightly colored and patterned socks can be a method of self-expression for some men. Amazon

Amber Phillips

Fashion is a form of self-expression – an irreplaceable part of personal identity for both students and adults. Until recently, it seems as though menswear has been confined and inexpressive. When designers make strides to expand men’s apparel categories, they are sometimes written off as absurd. Consequently, fewer new and distinct designs have been introduced for men to show off their style.

But an often under-appreciated necessity has brought a new light to the mundane pattern of menswear: socks. Previously seen as the unwanted birthday gift from a grandmother, socks are now produced in colors and patterns meant to make a statement. From skaters to businessmen, everyone is wearing novelty socks (though in some cases, hidden by dress pants). Even in secret, these socks are helping men to define themselves through fashion. Similar to the men’s trend, women’s leggings have recently seen novelty variations. This led industry analysts to believe the sock trend could be picked up by the female demographic, but the truth is that men carry more weight in the sock department. Only 41 percent of women wear socks daily compared to 73 percent of men, according to an article by CNBC. Just imagine all those feet starving to express themselves.

Another benefit to the sock trend is that men do not have to understand anything about fashion to join in. There are virtually no rules when it comes to socks – bold colors and patterns work with a suit as 
easily as they do with casual wear. Its ease of adaption allowed socks to become a very commercialized commodity item, now available at most clothing retailers.

BoldSOCKS started as a friendly competition between Ryan Preisner and Adam Whitmore. Since its inception, the company has seen nonstop growth and even branched into a secondary brand, Statement Socks. BoldSOCKS reported that 96 percent of their total sales comes from men. They believe that men embrace this trend to show they care about their style and express their personality. Socks have become a great conversation starter for many consumers and even receive social media attention. Loyal BoldSOCKS customers share their foot-fashion picks weekly by posting #boldfriday on Twitter.

The old days of men’s socks matching trousers are far gone. Bright, bold socks are here to stay and ready to party. Your first pair will cost you less than $10 and you’re sure not to regret it, so build a 
collection and express yourself.