SGA confirms Allenlundy as chief of staff

This decision comes as the result of an order released Tuesday afternoon by the SGA Student Judiciary stating that, after review of his qualifications and experience, Allenlundy will serve as chief of staff for the 2015-2016 academic year. The order states the judiciary board found Allenlundy to be “more than qualified” for the position.

President Elliot Spillers first nominated Allenlundy on April 7, a motion that was rejected in a 32-13 vote. At his initial nomination, some senators, like Senator Jackson Britton, expressed a belief that Allenlundy was underqualified for the position of chief of staff.

“This specific job of chief of staff is one of the most important roles in the SGA,” Britton said at the April 7 meeting. “You have to have certain experiences, not something like the Senate, but true 
exec experience.”

After the confirmation of Allenlundy was shot down for the first time on the basis of a lack of experience, Spillers nominated Douglas Logan for the position. The confirmation of Logan, who has worked with both the Senate and the executive side of the SGA, was shot down with a vote of 25-12.

Spillers nominated Allenlundy for the position of chief of staff for a second time Monday night. This nomination was again rejected, this time with a 24-17 vote. After this third rejection, the Senate was required to submit an explanation to the Student Judiciary for a panel review.

This review found that Allenlundy was qualified for the position of chief of staff for the following reasons:

First, a precedent was set under the Calderon and Taylor administrations by the appointment and confirmation of Brennan Johnson, who also possessed no Executive Council or cabinet experience at the time of appointment.

Second, Allenlundy’s involvement in the Spillers campaign “is not a determining factor against his qualifications,” as set by precedents in which former chiefs of staff also served on the campaigns of past SGA presidents.

Third, the student judiciary rejected the Senate’s reason of rejection, primarily that Allenlundy was not qualified, and stated his experiences outside of the SGA must be counted in his qualifications. The judiciary claimed he was, therefore, more than qualified to serve in the position of chief of staff.

As a result of this confirmation, the SGA was able to appoint all other members of its executive board.

“We are excited to finally get working,” Spillers said. “We have an amazing team. Everyone who we appointed exemplifies leadership and the entire executive council as a whole came to a consensus that these individuals will serve well in the SGA office.”