SGA to fund free exam books

Katherine Martin

The Student Government Association will start providing free exam books beginning in about three weeks, Nicole Bohannon, executive vice president of the SGA, said at the Senate meeting Wednesday.

Ryan Flamerich, a senator from the college of engineering, said as soon as the SGA ran out of exam books they began appropriating funds, including some emergency funds, in order to purchase more exam books before the end of the this fiscal year.

“One of the things SGA has been doing is providing free test booklets,” Flamerich said. “Making sure these booklets are there for students is a top priority for SGA.”

The Senate will appropriate $2,119.85 from various SGA accounts for the purchase of 3,500 test booklets, according to the resolution.

A bill that will allow the UA Judicial Board to begin hearing appeals regarding student football tickets was also introduced at the meeting.

Madaline Hargrove, a senator from the College of Nursing, said the current code of laws does not specify that the Judicial Board hear these appeals.

Hargrove said students that fail classes, do not have enough hours or have a family emergency and cannot go to a game will now have the opportunity to have their appeals heard.

The same group that hears parking ticket appeals and other non-academic issues will hear these appeals, Bohannon said.

The SGA is also encouraging students to attend the gubernatorial debate between Dr. Robert Bentley and Commissioner Ron Sparks that will be held on Thursday, Sept. 16, Bohannon said.

“It’s very important that students at the University understand the importance in voting in the election – not just voting, but being educated voters,” Bohannon said.

Bohannon said it is important that students use all of the tickets available for the debate. Tickets go on sale Monday, Sept. 13 at 7:30 a.m.

There are no requirements for purchasing tickets and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students can receive more information on the online ticket distribution by visiting