Birmingham dance company travels to visit Clark Hall on Tuesday


Sanspointe Dance Company will stop in Tuscaloosa during their Alabama tour, bringing pieces for a small concert in Clark Hall.  Photo courtesy of Taryn Brown

Jeremy Connor

Sanspointe, a group comprised almost entirely of UA alumnae, will be at Clark Hall’s studio to give a free dance class and concert. The show has no central theme, but a variety of styles will be represented.

“We are highlighting the possibilities of current contemporary dance,” said Taryn Brown, the artistic director of Sanspointe. “The work includes some melancholic meanderings, an avant-garde piece with experimental music, and a classical modern dance to modern music, among 
much more.”

Brown has been the artistic director since 2013, also working as a producer, choreographer and performer. She said the most rewarding part of being a member of Sanspointe is seeing all of the possibilities choreography can entail, while getting to know the other dancers with whom 
she works.

Preparing for a tour is no easy feat, as each piece that is performed takes between eight and 15 hours of rehearsal. Sara Turney, a member of Sanspointe, wanted to be a part of this tour because of the travel aspect that hasn’t yet been present in other Sanspointe productions.

Sarah M. Barry, UA associate professor of dance, said the ties between Sanspointe and the University are strong.

“Sanspointe was founded by former UA dance majors, so we are so happy to support the company whenever we can,” Barry said. “Many of our graduates go on to perform and/or choreograph with the company, so it’s a wonderful homecoming when the company can come to Tuscaloosa to perform or teach.”

The upcoming concert will be Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. is free to the public and open to any and all potential audience members. However, some experience is strongly suggested for those who would like to attend the contemporary dance class beforehand at 5:30 p.m.

Brown recommends that dancers have a general knowledge of class technique and etiquette, and are also able to assimilate material at a relatively quick pace. The class will be taught collaboratively by the Sanspointe members. There will also be an opportunity for any local professionals or dance graduates to audition for 
membership with the company.