Frederick experiences Peru


Through the UA affiliate program, CISabroad, Kayla Frederick studies abroad in Cusco, Peru.  Photo courtesy of Kayla Frederick

Kayla Frederick

Editor’s note: In each issue this summer, The Crimson White will publish a column written by a student who is studying abroad in order to share their experiences in a foreign country.

Cusco, Peru, is a truly incredible place and I’ve been lucky to study here for the past three weeks with a UA affiliate program, CISabroad. My program consists of six U.S. credit hours, three for Spanish and three for an elective of your choice ranging from Business in Latin America, to Photography, to Contemporary Peruvian Culture and Society, which I am taking through the University of San Ignacio de Loyola at the satellite campus here in Cusco.

The language and culture I am learning about in my classes surround me. For example the Qorikancha, or the Incan temple of the sun that the Spanish conquistadores built a church on top of, is just down the street from my University.

By far the most rewarding part of my experience studying abroad is living with a host family. Not only does it challenge and improve my Spanish daily, but it enhances my Peruvian experience. I have a cute little sister and rabbit named Ponpon here, and I get to see how everyday life really is in Cusco. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m eating my host mom’s delicious homemade flan as I write this.

Besides the classes and my home life, I have met other students from all over the country, as well as a surprise fellow Alabamian. Being together in classes, exploring the city, the Peruvian Amazon, the Sacred Valley and this weekend, Machu Picchu have built amazing friendships and we all plan to road trip across the U.S. to keep in touch once this amazing study abroad trip comes to a close all too soon.

Kayla Frederick is a junior 
majoring in international studies.