Brady punished for Goodell's prior mistakes



New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws during the second half against the Indianapolis Colts Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The Colts fell to the Patriots 42-20. (Sam Riche/MCT)

Marquis Munson

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been to six Super Bowls, winning four. But his battle with the National Football League to prove his innocence in the infamous “Deflategate” scandal is proving to be tougher than both the New York Giants defensive line and the Seattle Seahawks secondary.

Brady was suspended for four games by the league for allegedly having locker-room attendant Jim “The Deflator” McNally deflate the footballs in the AFC Championship game back in January. The Patriots, defeating the Indianapolis Colts 45-7, would go on to win the Super Bowl by beating the defending champion Seahawks.

Critics didn’t focus on Brady winning another Super Bowl and putting him on the top of the list as one of the great quarterbacks in league history. Instead, they focused on how exactly he got that fourth Super Bowl win. 

Without a fight, the Patriots took their $1 million fine and loss of two picks in the 2016 and 2017 Draft. Brady, on the other hand, isn’t taking this suspension lightly and is fighting tooth and nail with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Last Tuesday he appealed his suspension at the NFL offices in New York City, and after 10 hours of testimony, a final decision has not been made.

Brady is fighting for more than just four games and a loss of up to $2 million. He is fighting for the reputation he worked hard to get.

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks that this generation has ever seen. Similar to Kobe Bryant’s career with the Lakers back in 2010, Brady and the Patriots can never escape the amount of hate they get after winning championships. It is the team you love to hate when it wins.

Deflategate is just a way for Roger Goodell to show NFL fans he is a good commissioner, and to prove it, he’ll punish the guy everyone loves to hate. This scandal came at a great time for Goodell coming off his poor decision making during the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy cases, but what a way to make the ultimate comeback in the fourth quarter by punishing the poster boy of the NFL.

The Patriots have had their fair share of scandal throughout the years (for example Spygate) but punishment doesn’t fit the crime on Brady’s side, especially with lack of evidence and a flawed Wells Report when it comes to Brady’s involvement. Brady shouldn’t be punished for Goodell’s inconsistency.

Tampering with equipment usually leads to at least a fine. Brady is losing $2 million through his four-game suspension. People may say Brady can pay that easily and chill in his million-dollar mansion with his supermodel wife, but his name and career are being tainted by Goodell’s lack of decision making.