Another cannonball found on campus

Kelly Ward

A crew installing wiring for lights near Rowand-Johnson Hall on Friday morning found a cannonball.

Friday’s find brings the total number of Civil War-era cannonballs discovered on campus this summer to 11 after 10 were found in June.

“As when cannonballs were discovered previously, EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) technicians were called to address any safety issues and the cannonball was removed from the area,” UA spokesperson Cathy Andreen said in a statement.

The future of the cannonballs depends on if they can be rendered safe. If they are, Andreen said the University expects they will be turned over to UA museums.

As for finding any other cannonballs in that area:

“The area where the cannonballs were found is being swept with ground-penetrating radar and a metal detector to see if they are any other cannonballs,” Andreen said.