Representatives meet to discuss Student Organization Seating

Arielle Lipan

The Ferg theatre was far from full this Sunday night for the mandatory Student Organization Seating meeting, which may work in favor of those who attended, since the cap this year is 40 organizations.

Other than hearing about the seating cap, student representatives also learned the rubric of how the Board of Governors will grade each application.

“It’s the best process that Ann Kathryn Parrish, Elliot and I think the SGA’s rolled out in a long time when it comes to Student Organization Seating, and I think it’s the most fair and ethical way we could possibly do it,” said Branden Greenberg, the chairman for the Board of Governors and vice president of Student Affairs.

The two parts of the application process will be split 45/55 with the presentation weighing a little more than the paper application.

The application breakdown is as follows: 20 percent academics, 30 percent leadership, 25 percent community service (SLPro hours specifically) and 25 percent the four paragraphs.

The applications will have the names redacted before the Board grades them.

“Involvement is absolutely everything,” Greenberg said. “If you think it is important, put it in your presentation. Make sure we know about it.“

The business-formal presentation requires at least one representative with a maximum of three representatives.

The presentation, five minutes long, has to be a minimum of three slides and a maximum of 10.

Dr. George Brown, the executive director of UREC, spoke on the importance of the student seating itself and how it should be respected.

“As much as you know and love this tradition, it is a privilege and not a right,” he said.