The Fanny Pack returns

The Fanny Pack returns

Photo courtesy of Plot Spoilers at Wikimedia Commons.

Savanah Sendek

While it has different names in different countries, the Fanny Pack is known globally for being a small pouch typically secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or waist. Reaching its peek in use in the mid 1980s, the Fanny Pack has been worn somewhat throughout the years by some individuals during travel or major events solely focusing on the idea of comfort. 

However, based on recent events, the Fanny Pack seems to have made a dramatic come back. Gradually over the summer we have seen girls and the occasional guy wearing these packs to parties or sporting events, acknowledging the constant fear of loosing valuables typically found in purses. While not large, the Fanny Pack has enough room to hold a cellphone, wallet, keys, extra makeup—and people can carry all of these things around their waists.

The Fanny Pack is coming back similarly to the way the skinny jeans did, slow at first. Users are finding that although it looks a little weird, it is extremely comfortable. Young people at large are grasping from all directions to get their hands on one of these. Even here, sororities are taking it upon themselves to host Fanny Pack Parties. Student Maddie Hudson attended a Cast Away party last weekend at the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house.

“The theme was Cast Away, a tourist theme. Everybody had fanny packs, comfy clothes and sneakers on. It was amazing to have my hands free and be able to dance as much as I wanted, without worrying about dropping my phone or somebody going through my purse,” Hudson said.

Beyond Greek parties, there have multiple sitings of celebrities, both male and female, wearing Fanny Packs as a new addition to their street fashion. The convenience of the Fanny Pack is limitless, and it holds no bounds when it comes to comfort.