Feminist Caucus hosts information fair


Students craft feminist-themed collages and posters at the "Find Your Feminism" event hosted by UA's Feminist Caucus at the Ferg.  CW | Amy Sullivan

Patrick Smith

The University of Alabama Feminist Caucus hosted “Find Your Feminism” in the Ferguson Student Center on September 17.

The event provided information about the feminist movement, as well as information on how to become a member of the organization and become actively involved.

“We’re getting people directly involved in activism other than just coming to hear about it, which is just as valuable, but we have the action to back up what we’re talking about too,” said Cassidy Ellis, coordinator for UAFC.

After signing in, students went to four different stations dealing with different aspects of involvement.

At the stations, students had the option to sign letters that will be sent to Sen. Jeff Sessions regarding a senate bill concerning abortions as well as asking for the Equal Rights Amendment to be passed. Students signed Thank you notes going to the West Alabama Women’s Center. Students posed for photo opportunities as they held signs with sayings in support of feminism, and there was even “feminist jinga.” There were voter registration papers and a table for pro-feminist arts and crafts.

Students from all walks of life engaged in conversation, introduced themselves and got involved.

UAFC gained nearly 50 new active members this semester and the organization is optimistic that number will increase.

Members of the one-year-old organization expressed their excitement at the turnout of the event. They expect to gain traction as the organization matures.

“I was happy to see so many people,” said Darielle Draper, UAFC executive board member and a sophomore majoring in telecommunications and film. “It was just a pleasant surprise for people to see what we’re about and what we’re doing and just to learn.”