SGA implements wristband system for students seated in block seating


CW | Layton Dudley

Arielle Lipan

Starting Oct. 10, organizations must give out wristbands from the SGA to students who wish to sit in their organization’s seating.

President Elliott Spillers and Dr. George Brown said in an email that game attendance this fall has been so strong, they were worried about organizations over saturating their sections and using more than their allotted seats.

According to the email, “We are committed to student safety; controlling the number of students within Student Organization Seating is imperative at this time to promote an enjoyable and safe student experience for all.”

This weekend was the first game to implement the wristband system.

Molly Dunn, a junior majoring in Spanish and Accounting, thinks the system, while a valid attempt to solve the problem, is a little “silly.”

“I feel like it’s all psychosomatic to make people feel like, ‘oh I have wristband, so I have to behave a certain way,’” she said, “but they let anyone in 45 minutes before kick-off.”

Dunn didn’t have a wristband, so she successfully waited until she could walk in without being stopped and enjoyed the game.