Tips on creating memorable Halloween costume


From left to right: Dominique LaGory, Shree Vaghela, Jodi Jansen, and Amanda Tomasko at the AKPSI Halloween Social. Photo courtesy of Amber Phillips. 

Amber Phillips

Face it, college students don’t always plan very far ahead when it comes to social events.  Mass panic hits as a result of all those last minute costume party invitations, be it a date party, church event or just a bunch of friends. 

Every Halloween the goal is to look good, save money, and have the most original costume. Sadly, despite hours on Pinterest, every idea seems too challenging, expensive or overdone.  Here are a few quick and easy costumes that will stand out this season.

Using makeup is a great alternative to tearing up a perfectly good outfit for the sake of Halloween.  Simply apply makeup, some face paint or even that Crayola washable finger paint in the bottom drawer to instantly transform. Ideas for make-up costumes include comic book characters in the stylings of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art works from the sixties. Goggle search some of his work and pick a favorite look, checking to see whats in the closet already that matches the style.  An original costume can be created in less than 30 minutes without even leaving the house.  Other possibilities along the same lines are “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” a glittery galaxy girl and a woodland deer or fox.

Groups looking for quick and easy costumes ideas can also get creative. Becoming a character from a hit TV show can be as simple as thinking of that friend who dresses just like Jess from “New Girl” and asking to borrow an outfit from her closet.  A character that would not normally be recognizable is an instant hit when two friends are willing to complete the cast.  If television is not enticing, any set of objects can become a great group costume if you have time for a trip to Michael’s. Four girls rocked the Alpha Kappa Psi Halloween Social as a group of fruit.  They chose grapes, a strawberry, a kiwi and a pineapple, but the specific roles can be adjusted to suit what is readily available.

More creative types might be interested in a challenging or quirky costume this Fall.  Nineties cartoon characters can usually be executed with a thrift store trip and some minor altering.  Cartoon characters are easy because they did not change outfits often.  Spinelli, the iconic bad girl from “Recess” and Reggie from “Rocket Power” are just two examples of simple, recognizable, quirky costumes.  The realm of possibilities here is endless.

So here’s to a Halloween with less Rosie the Riveters, black cats and store bought bacon and egg costumes.  It’s time to hit the thrift stores and get spooky.