Parking lots most full on Tuesdays


Katherine Martin

Many students who park in the commuter west zone are still having difficulty finding a parking spot.

However, a study done by UA Parking Services demonstrates the supply of parking spaces adequately meets demand at all times throughout the week, with the exception of 10 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays, said Ronnie Robertson, director of Transportation Services.

“Based on parking patterns from previous semesters, we anticipate that the demand will even out on Tuesday mornings as the semester progresses,” Robertson said. “While we do issue more permits for the west commuter zone than there are spaces, parking is almost always available in the area.”

Robertson said numerous vehicles have been given “improper zone” and “failure to register” parking citations which will help to move unauthorized vehicles out of the west commuter lots.

Alan Chang, a sophomore majoring in economics, said he still has to leave his apartment 30 minutes early to guarantee he will get a parking spot in time for class.

“I think a lot more people are skipping class now, so it gives me a better chance to park,” Chang said.

Lauren Glass, a junior majoring in history and political science, said the parking situation in commuter west has gotten slightly better since the semester began.

“I personally think it’s wrong that I would have to park in the perimeter zone, because I paid to park in commuter west,” Glass said. “It’s their fault because they gave me the pass to park there. They shouldn’t sell more passes than there are spaces.”

Rob Burns, a junior majoring in history and political science, said getting to campus early is the key to getting a spot in the commuter west zone.

“I think the main thing University needs to do is add more parking areas for students,” Burns said. “The size of the student population is growing and parking hasn’t kept up.”

Kerrie Willis, a senior majoring in digital media, said parking has gotten worse in the commuter west zone.

“I think it’s really bad when I have to park at my boyfriend’s house on 8th Street just to get to class on time,” Willis said.

Willis said the University is making parking worse for students by taking away spots when there weren’t enough to begin with.

“If they’re going to take away spots and put buildings in their place, they need to add spaces somewhere else,” Willis said. “I feel like I paid for a spot and I should get one.”

Robertson said students zoned for the west commuter area have the option of parking in perimeter zones and riding the CrimsonRide during the brief times of overcrowding.

Robertson said each year Parking Services analyzes parking counts, registrations and enrollment to find the best balance for issuing parking permits.

“Our goal is for all students to be able to park in their desired zone,” Robertson said, “and we hope students will continue to help us find the best solutions to parking problems.”