Players weigh in on strength coach Scott Cochran


Sean Landry

Well-known Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran announced his intent to stay at the University earlier this month. The move was praised by fans who feared losing the popular and energetic sideline figure to Georgia after Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart accepted a job at his alma mater, but fans aren’t the only ones glad to see Cochran stay.

“I think he’s big in creating the culture here at Alabama, the way he talks and relates to guys on the team and his mentality, the way he pushes people,” quarterback Jake Coker said. “I think he sets a tone for the mentality this team is going to have. And I’m glad to hear he’s staying here because I think he’s that — makes that big of an impact on the team”

Cochran has overseen one of the most prolific strength programs in the country, will Alabama players regularly posting impressive measurables at NFL combines, but his impact goes beyond the weight room, according to players. 

“He’s someone that I’ve gotten close with just from being here this short time,” receiver Richard Mullaney said. “And he’s a huge part of this team, not just strength and conditioning-wise. I feel like he’s the glue that really just puts us all together. He’s a guy that you can go to for anything honestly. Doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s personal or just want to go and talk with him about anything. Doesn’t really matter.”