UA Feminist Caucus hosts bake sale


Will Jones

The Feminist Caucus at The University of Alabama held a bake sale Wednesday afternoon in the Ferguson Student Center. The sale featured a plethora of colorful cupcakes, cookies and brownies, with three members of the Feminist Caucus working the sale.

The sale served as a fundraiser for their upcoming event.

“We are hosting a conference in the spring called the Southeastern Feminist Meetup,” said Rachael Ledbetter, a senior political science major involved with the caucus. “We are raising money to bring speakers to campus.” 

Ledbetter said the group hoped to raise $100 for their cause.

A bake sale at Jordan High School in Utah gained national attention for charging men more than women at a bake sale last year. Ledbetter said the caucus would not benefit from that kind of sale.

“The issue with that is that white men would make a dollar and white women would make 75 cents,” she said. “Just comparing white women to white men’s pay is not intersectional.”

Students can look for upcoming events from the Feminist Caucus by following them on Twitter @uafeminist.