Provost names Diversity subcommittee members

Alexis Faire

The University Provost, Kevin Whitaker, announced the new council members for The University of Alabama Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion on Feb. 8. 

The announcement, which was sent to students via email, stated that the members of the subcommittee are responsible for “examining the concept of a chief diversity officer for the University and reviewing and suggesting an update to the University’s current diversity plan” as well as sending recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council

The subcommittee includes three co-chairs and more than 20 campus representatives. The co-chairs include Norman Baldwin, George L. Daniels and Elle Shaaban-Magana. 

The members include:

  • student Abdullah Bakeer 
  • student Amanda Bennett, 
  • director of veteran and military affairs David Blair, 
  • veteran and UA wheelchair basketball player Shaun Castle, 
  • student Katie Jane Childs, 
  • assistant director of law school admissions Marcus Cotton,
  • assistant professor for education leadership and policy Andre R, Denham, 
  • assistant professor of English David Deutsch, 
  • student Andrea Dobynes, 
  • graduate student Cassidy Ellis, 
  • associate professor of education leadership, policy and technology studies Nirmala Erevelles, 
  • director of fraternity and sorority life Kat Gillan, 
  • associate professor of American studies Michael Innis-Jimenez, 
  • SGA director of multicultural affairs Vel Lewis, 
  • UA Feminist Caucus media and publicity coordinator Lindsey Macher, 
  • director of international services Charter Morris, 
  • director of Crossroads Community Center Lane McLelland,
  • student Ron Nelson, 
  • student Khortlan Patterson, 
  • Honors College Assembly vice president for inclusion Alex Reeder,
  • Associate athletic director and senior women’s administrator Marie Robbins, 
  • SGA president Elliot Spillers, 
  • director of the office of disability services Judy Thorpe and 
  • student Yilin Wang. 

The subcommittee will hold its first meeting on Feb. 10 to discuss diversity-related items to be added to the University’s strategic plan. 

Whitaker encourages faculty and students to submit ideas and to provide input by completing the survey or sending a private email to