Arts and Sciences Senate candidate calls for fair and ethical campaigning

Elizabeth Elkin

Ross D’Entremont, College of Arts and Sciences Senate candidate, created a pledge asking SGA candidates to run an ethical, open and honest campaign centered around ideas, not intimidation. This followed an incident in which he claims he was intimidated by someone who worked for another candidate. He asks that candidates don’t use scare tactics on other candidates or on voters. This way, he said, candidates will be able to focus on how to make the University better.

“Intimidation factors distract from the real ideas and messages about which we need to talk,” D’Entremont said. “How can I work on a campaign of ideas when I have to be busy filing a report about this situation?”

He also said intimidation may cause candidates to drop out and not share a message that some students may need to hear.

Students and other candidates have shown support for the pledge, D’Entremont said.

“I feel honored that they are supporting this idea and I am humbled that they are coming out to support me,” D’Entremont said. “It shows that this campaign is truly about ideas and how we can keep the Capstone of Higher Education rather than how can we perpetuate intimidation.”

If a candidate doesn’t run a clean campaign and they win, D’Entremont said, the University can’t be sure they will do the right thing while in office. He hopes that if someone isn’t running a clean campaign, the student body will see it.

Ethical Campaigning

Last night, a student supporting another candidate for the S.G.A. Senate contacted me with the message “Don't cross me”. These type of unprovoked messages should not and will not define our campaign. Join me in promising to promote an ethical campaign, and urge all of the other candidates to sign the pledge.

Posted by Run with Ross on Saturday, February 20, 2016

D’Entremont authored an accountability bill that is currently being debated in the Senate, he said. Under the bill, representatives would have to fill out a biannual report which would include their attendance record, their legislative record and may include a personal statement. This record would be sent to all their constituents. This, D’Entremont said, would help hold representatives accountable.

He said that if elected, he’d continue to endorse ethical campaigning.

“I am going to work to make it a requirement that before anyone can run a campaign, they must sign an ethical pledge next year,” D’Entremont said.

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