Success in the classroom and beyond


Kara Whelply

My name is Kara Whelply and I want to be your next Vice President of Academic Affairs. I am a junior majoring in interdisciplinary studies through New College with a depth study of global public health and minors in Chinese and Biology. I am running as a truly independent candidate for Vice President of Academic Affairs, and I need your support.

When I came to the Capstone of Higher Education, I never expected I would be running for an SGA executive position, but in my time at this University, the incredible students here have motivated me to reach for more and have inspired me to make a positive impact on our campus. In my first year at the Capstone, I began my career in SGA as a member of First Year Council, then served as Director of Academic Integrity, and currently I serve as the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Beyond my experience in the SGA, I also am well-versed in the trials of being a regular college student. I know what it’s like to make an A+, and I know what it’s like to struggle to make that C. I am passionate about using my experience in the classroom and beyond to benefit the student body at UA. As your VPAA, I will work tirelessly to create and implement academic programing that is relevant to the needs of the student body, whether that be personally connecting you to the resources you are missing or being there to celebrate your academic success. If elected, I will put students’ needs first by implementing mid-semester Student Opinions of Instruction (SOI) surveys, post-graduate education awareness, work with UA libraries to create more study space for students and expand on successful programs of the past.

Your experience in the classroom should be in your hands. That’s why I will use mid-semester SOI’s to allow students to let their professors know about the problems in the classroom in a comfortable environment so that change can be implemented when it matters.

Your academic success after graduation matters to me. Students should feel empowered to pursue postgraduate education opportunities, armed with the knowledge of when, where and how the application process works and how to be a viable candidate. I plan to aid students in the process by working with the testing center and academic advisors to host forums and compile the resources necessary to be easily accessible to students.

Another prevalent issue on our campus is that our libraries don’t have enough space to accommodate our students. I intend to work with the library administration to maximize study space in our libraries and work towards solutions to meet students’ needs.

I plan to expand on the successful programs of the past such as the Scholarship Forum, Jobs 101, the President’s List Reception and the Excel Peer Tutoring Program (launching Fall 2016). I have the experience necessary to expand on these programs, and I intend to do so because they have positively impacted the student body. I am running because I am passionate about academics and your experience at the Capstone. Students have the right to enjoy their time in the classroom and to feel empowered by their education, not hindered by a lack of resources and transparency. As the Capstone of Higher Education, it is time for us to become not only champions in athletics but also champions in academics. 

Kara Whelply is a junior majoring in interdisciplinary studies. She is running for Vice President of Academic Affairs.