A greater UA


Dalton Beasley

My platform, “A Greater UA” is about enhancing student life in as many aspects as possible. I want to take out the pronouns me, his, her or their in “home” and turn them into “our” home because after all this is the place we spend our college career. That being said, I believe it’s important to make sure those who feel misrepresented have a voice to count on which is why I’m pushing for several initiatives from different aspects of campus.

First, I want to make the Yellowhammer Music Festival, a free spring concert for students, a more large-scale event by partnering with more Tuscaloosa businesses. By garnering local sponsorships and support, I hope to make the event not only more sustainable, but also more impactful as a whole. I want to implement a 15-20 person entertainment board on my platform that will lobby directly with administration and work very closely with businesses across Tuscaloosa.

Second, I want to change the dialogue for how we talk about issues such as sexual assault and mental health on this campus. This past year, we’ve seen incredible advocacy programs such as “It’s on Us,” which have been overall very successful. That being said, I think it’s time we now move forward to the open dialogue portion of tackling these issues. From a government perspective, I’m advocating for a one-strike zero tolerance policy for sexual assault crimes committed by college students on campus. I also want to work with outstanding organizations such as the Feminist Caucus, AAUW and other interest groups in assisting me with forming these worthwhile, sustained dialogues in opening the conversation and holding each other accountable.

Finally, I want to push for students on this campus. For student services, a vote for me is a vote for more advanced student services, such as detailed bus routes and dining hall food options on display in the dining halls. A vote for me is a vote for implementing projects to enhance our needs based scholarship funds. A vote for me is also a vote for more dining options in the Ferguson Center, such as something like an ICEE machine. I want students to understand their rights if they find themselves in a bad situation with UAPD or Tuscaloosa Police Department, and I want students to have the ability to learn from their mistakes without the fear of tarnishing a 7-year record. I want to advocate for a mindset that allows students to not only feel empowered, but also worthy enough to make a systemic, positive difference at the Capstone. Through my experience in SGA, I’ve learned that real change happens not over night, but over time. I’ve learned that big projects and big ideas are fantastic, but it takes experience and dedication in working with administration to move an administration. Ultimately, I’m just a student who wants other students to love their home as much as I do, and I’d love your support in making that vision come to life.

Dalton Beasley is a junior majoring in marketing and music administration. Dalton Beasley is running for Vice President of Student Affairs.