I am you


Shelby Norman

As a junior, I have a particular set of responsibilities: upper division term papers, organizational commitments and studying for the LSAT. But outside of those third year academic and extracurricular responsibilities, I’ve found myself having a different sort of calling all together. I have not only the opportunity, but the duty to serve students. Being a student with experiences that span all edges of campus and being a person who has personally connected with hundreds of individuals, I have unassumingly been working towards this particular feat since I first stepped foot on campus in 2013.

Having the ability to become more and more engaged with SGA, as well as having the platform to reach out and help more students than I could ever imagine inspired me to place myself in a new and progressing environment. I am running for vice president of student affairs because every student I’ve encountered on and off campus has inspired me in some way. We are all like-minded individuals because we chose to attend the greatest school in the world. I love The University of Alabama because I have grown so much here as a person. The growth I’ve experienced is invaluable to me, and I know that since it has happened to me, it happens to all of us. We learn about ourselves. We learn about others who are similar to us and completely different from us. We are molded into global citizens and when we do leave campus, we have been equipped with fantastic tools that allow us to thrive.

I am running my campaign on a two-prong approach: diversity and inclusion. Both are extremely important concepts not just to me, but to all students at the University of Alabama. We are all unique and have unique ways of viewing the world. I love that about UA. Celebrating the differences we have encourages us all to learn about one another and encourage one another. I believe as vice president of student affairs, I will help foster the expansion of student led projects, initiatives, goals and ideas. I will make sure that each and every voice is heard and accounted for because there is no room for leaving people out of the discourse and discussion here on campus.

Diversity of worldview is so important to the UA community because our unique identities make us who we are. We all look differently, speak differently and come from different places and I find that amazing that we are all here to rally around the same great causes. If elected, I will always highlight the amazing candor of the student body and what we can all achieve together. Inclusivity means that all people, no matter who they are, are afforded the same opportunities because they are go-getters. Because they want to make things happen and pursue their goals. Because they know that no matter where they are on campus, they will be accepted and embraced. I want this to be a campus of enduring and sustaining inclusion.

If elected vice president of student affairs, I will ensure that we as students always can project our voice as well as leave a legacy. I hope to garner your support because I will prioritize the opinions and ideologies of all students. After all, I am one just like you.

Shelby Norman is running for Vice President of Student Affairs.